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Ultimate Beer and Snowmobile "Kegerator" Racing Decal Set

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18 of your favorite beer and snowmobile advertising decals from the 70's. Package includes one of each of the following decals listed below:

  1. Hamm's Bear Snowmobile Patrol Decal
  2. Hamm's Bear Snowmobile Decal
  3. Hamm's Snowmobile Patrol Decal
  4. Hamm's Bear Snowmobile Decal-St. Paul Winter Carnival
  5. PBR Man Beer Decal
  6. Blonde PBR Man Snowmobile Beer Decal
  7. Red Hair PBR Man Snowmobile Beer Decal
  8. Black Label Beer Decal
  9. Blatz Beer Snowmobile Decal
  10. Leinenkugel's Beer Snowmobile Decal featuring Lil Jake
  11. Falstaff Beer Decal
  12. Grain Belt Snowmobile Beer Decal
  13. Schmidt Beer Snowmobile Decal
  14. Walter's Beer Snowmobile Decal
  15. Vintage Reproduction Budweiser "Bud" Man Decal
  16. Vintage Reproduction Budweiser "Bud Man" Budmobilers Decal
  17. Old Style Beer Decal
  18. Old Milwaukee Snowmobiler